How Can a Harley Davidson Dating Site Help Harley Riders Find Love?

harley ridersFinding a match according to your unique set of likes and dislikes often proves to be difficult. Having said that it doesn’t mean people having tastes that stand out fail to find the right partner. For instance, if you happen to be crazy about bikes and motorcycle riding and wish to find a partner, all you need to do is join a biker dating site and start connecting with like – minded people from across the globe. Nonetheless, when it comes to a specific section of the audience that is interested only in cruisers like the Harley Davidson, things are bound to get a little tougher.

For those unaware, there are websites available on the markets that have been specifically designed according to the unique needs of its audiences. As part of the diversification process, you now have websites that cater exclusively to those passionate about the Harley Davidson brand of motorcycles. You don’t necessary need to own one in order to become a member of one such website but loving the brand for what it offers is a requisite.

  • It starts with building a profile: Once you’ve managed to find the right ‘Harley Davidson dating’ site, the next step would be to design a comprehensive profile that would have the oomph factor to grab the attention of those seeking a perfect match. According to dating experts from across the globe including specific information pertaining to what you like is a requisite and something that you shouldn’t take for granted. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you have the liberty of including every personal bit of information on your profile. Understanding your limitations while building a profile is critical.
  • Connecting with like – minded people online: You’d wonder as to why you need to filter through users when every member of the website is passionate about the brand Harley Davidson. It is to be borne in mind that the brand here is only to bring a certain section of the audience on a common platform and not every person who happens to love riding a Harley Davidson would eventually prove to be the perfect match. Check out user profiles and determine whom you’re most likely to connect with at a personal or intellectual level.
  • Taking it to the next level: Connecting with certified or verified users on dating sites is possibly the safest thing to do. On the other hand, it would be wise not to meet someone in the real world unless you’re really sure of his/her intentions. Build a strong rapport and determine the person’s intentions or expectations from the relationship. Once you’ve established the fact that all he/she wants is a life companion consider meeting in the real world.

More And More Ladies Are Riding Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

On May 2nd 1915 a woman named Avis Hotchkiss and her daughter Effie left their Brooklyn home on a Harley-Davidson. They traveled to San Francisco California and then back to Brooklyn, a total of 9,000 miles, something that had never been done by a female motorcycle rider before. In the 100 years since the Hotchkiss ladies infamous journey, women have made great strides in every area, including as motorcyclists. More women are riding motorcycles than ever before, and more women are buying Harley-Davidson’s than all other brands of motorcycles combined. Harley-Davidson reports a 30% increase in sales to women in the U.S in the past decade alone. Harley-Davidson has responded to this growing trend with new bikes designed just for women, and an entire line of clothes and other gear made just for women riders.

harley lady

Harley women report feeling happier, more confident, independent, and satisfied with their lives than they ever did as non riders. There is nothing like the feeling of freedom that riding provides, a feeling that can never be duplicated in a car. In fact, some women have gone so far as to make the claim that being in a car makes them feel like a “caged animal” in comparison. Riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is great for sex appeal. It is so attractive, especially to other riders, that there are now Harley-Davidson dating websites. Such websites, such as, are a great way for Harley singles to meet and get to know each other.

Dating websites are not the only social opportunities created for female Harley enthusiasts. There are Harley group chapters throughout the United States and some designed specifically for lady riders. These groups get together to organize and participate in social and charitable events, develop friendships and make memories together.

Interested in owning a Harley-Davidson but not yet an experienced rider? No worries. Harley-Davidson offers bike riding classes at various shops throughout the U.S so you can gain the skills you need. See the official Harley-Davidson website at for more information.

Women aren’t all made the same and neither are Harley-Davidson motorcycles. That’s why Harley’s can be customized to whatever fit is most comfortable for you in whatever style is most appealing to you. The bike builder tool on the Harley-Davidson website allows you to design your bike and watch it come to life from the comfort of your own home. With this latest technology it has never been easier to get the motorcycle of your dreams.

The Hotchkiss ladies would be proud of how far female motorcycle riders have come in the last 100 years. More and more ladies are riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the trend will only continue to rise in the United States and throughout the world.

Why are women looking to date a Harley guy?

We all know how sexy a Harley Davidson looks. It has a stunning appearance that draws a lot of attention and the thundering sound that is a pleasure to the ear for bike enthusiasts. It goes without saying that people who can afford this exquisite motorcycle is wealthy and has a great personality. These are a couple of qualities that women look for in a man. A Harley guy is one that has the best of both worlds. Not only does he have an amazing personality but also wealthy enough to fulfill all the needs and desires of his partner.

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Some of the major reasons that make male Harley riders desirable are stated below:

1. Women find their dream match in him: According to statistics, women prefer dating a guy that is muscular and wealthy. Having seen such attractive men in movies, the expectations have certainly gone very high. This kind of a guy is the dream man that every woman would have once imagined of dating. Also, while they might find many wealthy guys, finding the one that is crazy about the Harley Davidson is no child’s play.

2. They get an opportunity to ride some of the most exquisite bikes on the planet: If you’re dating a Harley guy, you will undoubtedly get the chance of riding with him as a pillion. If you know how to ride and are confident enough to handle the might of a Harley, you would also get a chance to explore this. There are endless possibilities. In addition to the Harley Davidson, he might also show his collection of mean machines that he takes on a spin over the weekend.

3. Get your own set of wheels: Always wanted to be the owner of a Harley Davidson? How would it feel if you were gifted one on your birthday? Being an avid lover of bikes and the Harley Davidson in particular, he would certainly be aware of your limitations and gift the kind of bike that you’d be comfortable with. While a rich person could gift you the most expensive model of Harley, he wouldn’t be well-versed with the technicalities that would tend to kill your desire to own or ride it.

If you’re under the impression that women don’t like bikes, you’re absolutely wrong. According to a report, about 20 percent of all the owners of the Harley Davidson are female. Although this segment is largely dominated by males, a positive growth in this segment is a welcome change. Today, women wish to date a person that is as passionate about motorcycles as they are and nothing less would be acceptable to them. This means that dating a Harley single would be an answer to all their desires.

We Got High Ranking In A Biker Dating Reviews Site

The biker dating reivews site puts in 4th place, we are the only Harley dating site in its Top 5 biker dating sites list.  The following content is picked up from PRweb.

Top US PR News May 24, 2015 at 05:35 AM Announces Publication of New Review Page Offering an Inside Look at the Top 5 Biker Dating Sites Online


Online dating opens up whole new worlds of romance for a huge number of people, especially those looking to connect with others who live similar lifestyles, and bikers are no exception. Biker Dating Sites, a website focused on biker dating, recently announced they have published a new review page looking at the Top 5 Biker Dating Sites Online and their pluses and minuses.

Los Angeles,California (PRWEB) May 24, 2015

Most people would agree, that the explosion of online dating has made it much easier for people looking for romance, adventure or even love. However, for those living lifestyles a bit outside of the norm, average dating sites usually aren’t the best option. Recently, Biker Dating Sites announced they’ve published a new review page offering an inside look at the Top 5 Biker Dating Sites Online. Early readers have responded with excitement.

“We know bikers share similar views, a love of fun and adventure and just a wilder take on life in general,” commented a spokesperson from Biker Dating Sites. “This means a ‘normal’ dating site doesn’t really deliver when it comes to bikers in most cases. We look at real biker dating sites, and give our take on the Top 5. This should save our readers time, money and frustration from wasting their time on biker dating sites that aren’t worth the effort.”

According to Biker Dating Sites, the top 5 sites to make the review page include: Biker Kiss, Biker Planet, Biker Women Biker Men, Biker or Not and Single Harley Riders. Each is explored in all areas and given an objective review of 1 to 5 stars, and their major policies listed. All of this is done in the spirit of helping readers pick the right biker dating site to set up their profile on and be able to quickly meet their dating goals.

For more information, be sure to visit

For the original version on PRWeb visit:

What are the advantages of becoming a certified rider?

Biker dating can certainly be considered as the latest addition to the vast online dating industry that is already loaded with several segments, catering to different sections of the society and people having diverse tastes. Biker dating is another niche that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Both men as well as women have developed interest in motorcycles that have now become a symbol of adventurous people.

It is worth stating that according to American manufacturer Harley Davidson, as much as 25 percent of all its buyers are female. With both the sexes showing interest in this segment, biker dating is at its peak with hundreds of biker dating sites catering to the needs of millions of motorcycle enthusiasts from across the globe.

Verify photo

A lot of these sites give users the opportunity to become a certified member of their service. Becoming a certified member on a reputed biker dating community such as instills confidence among other users that are looking for an ideal match. The process of getting certified is done in this fashion –

  • Once you’ve registered with the website using a valid email ID and password, the site would direct you onto the process of profile creation. 
  • Create a detailed profile with all your personal details and upload a recent picture.
  • Once this is completed, you can move on to the certification stage, where you would be asked to submit a document in support of some information in your profile. This might include picture, annual and name, among others. has a separate section that is dedicated to certified bikers. Furthermore, only certified members on this site can search for other certified members. This means, there would be absolutely no scammers that you would come across, which would certainly add to the overall user experience of the website.

As the website is absolutely free to register with, there are chances that fake users might crop in despite the fact that the site employs highly complex filtering algorithms to keep scammers at bay. While the chances of this are minimal, it is quite possible nevertheless. When you choose to become a certified member of this site, you tell others that you’re a genuine user and all the important information seen on your profile is absolutely true. Therefore, any user that feels that you’re an ideal match would have no hesitation in sending you an email or invitation for a real time chat. Wouldn’t you want others to interact with you? That’s the whole point of registering with a biker dating site, isn’t it?

All in all, becoming a certified member on a biker dating site such as is absolutely safe and makes it convenient for users to find an ideal match with ease.

Why do Harley singles choose to join Single Harley Riders?

Since times immemorial, motorcycles have been regarded as a symbol of manliness and power. Besides, these machines have also been associated with adventure and are known to be owned by those who love to have some fun under the sun. Considering the growing potential of this segment of online dating, a lot of players have come up that claim of providing the best services to those seeking relationship with a harley man or harley woman.

harley singles dating

One such website that has proven itself in the highly competitive online dating industry is As the name suggests, this dating site aims to connect singles that are passionate about Harley Davidson motorcycles. As a matter of fact, this American motorcycle manufacturer has produced some of the most powerful machines on the planet. Synonymous with masculinity, these bikes have a huge fan following from across the world.

The launch of this site comes at a time when the American manufacturer has reportedly begun to witness a rise in the number of female buyers. The company claims that around 20 percent of all the Harleys are ridden by women. This is certainly a positive response and the trend is said to catch up in the near future. While motorcycles were said to be favorites among men, the fairer is not very far behind.

A website like will certainly appeal to single biker men and single biker women that are looking for a bike enthusiast as their life partner. Apart from riding a Harley themselves, this would also allow them to take advantage of the ride being a pillion rider. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well, absolutely yes. Vs Biker Clubs

Almost every major city in the world has at least one biker club that organizes various events exclusively for bikers. However, there are very few such clubs that bring together Harley riders and lovers of these bikes. A dedicated dating service such as would not only allow these individuals to get in touch with each other but also give them the convenience of sharing their opinions and experiences about the rides they’ve had.

The blog and forum section on the website give a community feel, where you’d be able to interact with a larger section of the audience. On the other hand, if you’re looking to have a one-on-one communication with a person whom you view as a potential life companion, then the email and instant messenger would most likely appeal to you. In addition to this, standard options such as flirts and e–greetings are also available to users.

Joining this site is absolutely free of charge. Users are encourages to enter their personal information as well as upload pictures. All in all, is an excellent dating platform for those seeking a biker mate. Focuses on helping single Harley riders find true love

Popular dating website for Harley enthusiasts, has gone through a cosmetic makeover. The redesigned version of the website that was launched in January emphasizes on bringing together fans and owners of Harley Davidson.

harley dating

Interacting with the local media, a representative of the website said, “Creating a dating platform exclusively for bike enthusiasts wasn’t an easy thing. We did a lot of research to understand the tastes and preferences of this section of the audience and have tried to incorporate most of the features that would enable them to communicate effectively with like – minded individuals and eventually find their perfect partner.”

Despite the fact that motorcycles riders account for a very small percentage of all commuters in the world, their fan base has been growing at an exponential rate. In the last decade, the online “biker dating” segment has grown at an exponential pace. In an exclusive interview with a leading press journal, dating expert Dwight Spencer said, “While looking for a date, people usually look for a partner with whom they share something in common. Some people might want to date a sportsperson whereas others look for someone who is passionate about bikes. It is just a matter of choice.” allows prospective users to register for free and create a comprehensive profile. Users can upload their pictures, exchange winks, e – greetings and emails with other members. In addition, this site also sports an instant messenger, using which members can chat in real – time. Apart from this, users have access to various privacy settings that can be tweaked, giving them complete control of their account.

Does online dating work for Harley riders?

Do you ride a Harley Davidson? Are you looking for a friend or companion who is as passionate are Harleys are you are? If yes, then you’d certainly be on the hunt for some genuine single Harley riders.

harley datingHarleys have often been associated with strength and power. This bike manufacturer has attracted a lot of users from all over the world, owing to its exclusivity and top – notch designing. Leave alone men, women too have been attracted to these bikes, of late. These trends in the biker dating industry have paved way to Harley dating sites, which provide a friendly environment for Harley riders and their admirers to get onto a common platform.

Single Harley riders are a minority and it isn’t easy to find them easily. While you might argue saying that they can be found at biker clubs and various biker events, it isn’t essential that they are interested in dating or are available. On the other hand, Harleys are owned by a very specific section of biker singles, which makes it even more difficult to connect with them.

Nevertheless, there are quite a few dating sites that promise to bring together Harley singles for friendship or long term relationship. Prospective users can not only not only find their perfect match but also interact with them on the website prior to meeting in person. It is unfortunate that a majority of these websites are not very effective and have a lot of scammers.

On the other hand, there are a few websites that have proven their mettle in the highly competitive biker dating industry. One such website that specializes in connecting Harley riders and others passionate about these bikes is Sporting a simplistic design, this site boasts of scores of amazing features that cater to the needs of Harley singles.

Interested users can register with this site for free and create a detailed profile, complete with photos. Adding pictures would impart a sense of genuineness to your profile in addition to attracting more users. The website also allows users to search for their perfect partner based on a host of filters. Apart from this, they can also take advantage of the email and instant messaging clients to interact with a person whom they are interested in.

Another communication feature known as ‘winks’ allows users to send pre-written messages so as to show their interest in a potential partner. Users can also check out Biker tattoo shows, motorcycles photos, biker videos and dating ideas.

All in all, an online Harley dating service such as not only makes it easier for people to connect with a like – minded person but also helps them know each other better. For those who were under the impression that online dating isn’t all that great for Harley riders, it’s time to check out

Harley Dating Site is A Great Way to Meet Harley Singles

Harley Dating Site is a great way to meet like-minded men and women to connect for love of each other and their Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. Single Harley riders do not like to ride alone; they would prefer to ride with someone strapped to their backseat or with friends. If you are a single male or female, the right partner is out there just waiting to meet you. To meet other single riders is not necessarily easy unless you belong to Perhaps you won’t meet the love of your life, but you will certainly meet someone who has a love of Harleys and riding.

harley dating site Riding a Harley-Davidson is not a means of getting from one point to another. It is a lifestyle, and your search for a partner on a Harley Dating Site should be a site that offers a special service for a special Harley culture. Women are attracted to a man for his appearance and confidence, and a Harley Davidson rider oozes
confidence and is always totally optimistic about life. Once you meet like-minded Single Harley riders, you will never forget them even if your single dating endeavors are not successful the first-time round. If you are
fortunate to meet someone to love, take cognizance of the fact that if you love him or her, you love their Harley too.

Online dating sites and Harley Owner Groups are there to match people, a place where people go to  ‘shop’ for like-minded people with the objective being love or just friendship. Load a photo of yourself and as many of you and your bike as you wish. A few tips for single Harley riders is that the person they find on the dating site and are interested in meeting lives within riding proximity. That you share the same visions in life too. You need to have something in common to ‘hit it off’ and that you have similar aspirations in life and most importantly that he or she loves Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.

Whatever you are looking for, if you are a Single Harley rider, you will definitely find a suitable person on Subscribers to the site will have the details of where they live, who they are, photographs of themselves and possibly their bikes, characteristics, what are their likes and dislikes and definitely how much they love Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. Their profile will include many other characteristics to help you narrow your search.  You are then free to decide who fits your search criteria and set up a meeting. It is worth
mentioning that many single riders have found love on  Harley Dating Sites. By joining, you may never again need to ride alone into the sunset.

Single Harley Riders Community has given bike enthusiasts from all across the globe an
opportunity to find a
like–minded partner with whom they can share the same
interest of Harley-Davidson
motorcycles. Over the period of time, as many people showed interest in this niche of online dating, many websites came up to cater to the discrete requirements of these

Although a wide array of websites falls into this category, only a few of them manage to justify the subscription price. Whilst almost all these websites give users the option of standard or free membership, it becomes
necessary to upgrade to premium membership in order to get access to more important features such as those pertaining to interactivity.

In due course of time, people began to show interest in specific bikes from top manufacturers such as Honda, Suzuki, Ducati and Harley Davidson, among others. This eventually gave birth to another category of biker
dating websites. These websites were divided into two primary categories – sports bikes and cruisers.

Harley Davidson, known for its masculine appeal and different looks occupied a special place in the hearts of people, therefore leading to the emergence of a sub-domain of websites exclusively for those who either own or like Harleys. Although the name is synonymous with men and is said to bring a rush of testosterone, it has a considerable female fan base too.

According to recent stats issued by the American motorcycle manufacturer, female riders account for 62
percent of its share in the American market. These numbers only cement the brand’s position in the market. This is good news not only for bike manufacturers but also online dating websites. Damien, a dating expert who has been very active in biker dating for over a decade claims that this will promote biker dating and might cause more players to enter the domain.

As Harley Davidson continues to expand its presence to several markets in the world, more and more people shall join these platforms. This means that you will have more single Harley riders to choose from. Furthermore, as the number of Harley Dating websites would increase, it would pester them to include innovative features in order to stand out from the crowd.

Most of the websites currently catering to bike enthusiasts offer a great deal of features. Some of the key
features of these websites include –

·Free profile creation.
·Add personal pictures and maintain albums.
·Send / receive flirts and winks to those whom you find interesting.
·Send / receive emails from other members.
·Access to chat rooms and instant messaging options.
·Access to blogs and forums.
·Round the clock customer service.

Although most of the options on these websites are quite similar, they differ on the search algorithm, the user interface and the member base of the website.